I had a major realization recently. While thinking about a symbol I believe God had given me, I heard these words: “God our provider.” The Holy Spirit then directed me to the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22.

As we know in this story, God called Abraham to sacrifice His only son, Isaac. When Isaac asked Abraham where the sacrifice was (they had probably sacrificed many animals before), Abraham said, “God will provide” (Genesis 22:8a).

As we know, God did provide a sacrifice. But we most likely would have never seen this provision if Abraham had not acted in faith like he did.

Maybe this is what is missing in our lives. Maybe we have failed to step into what God has called us to do because we do not believe He will provide.

But this is just not true. We have to stop believing the lies from the enemy.

God has provided.

God is providing.

God will provide.

These are the truths I need to sew into my heart and soul, and act accordingly.

When Abraham heard the words “stay your hand” and then looked and saw a ram caught “in a thicket,” his greatest calling had been tested and his greatest challenge completed. Abraham acted in faith that God would provide, and provide He did.

The ram is a reminder that God will provide. Maybe this reminder of His provision can help us get unstuck in the areas of calendar, cash and calling.

Perhaps God is calling you to do something absolutely radical in one of these areas and you are believing the lie that God will not provide. I used to believe this lie—and I still have to fight it—but now I understand that God promises He will provide.

From the depths of my heart, please know today that God has an absolutely amazing plan for each of our lives, and all we need to live it out is to believe that He will provide.


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