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Calendar, Cash and Calling

God slowed my business down in the Spring of 2012 when I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Over the ensuing months, instead of rushing to get busy again, I spent more time with God and learned to trust Him more, and this new slower pace forever changed the way I looked at time. I also started learning what the Bible says about money—and it blew my mind. I began to experience a peace I had never had before, with better relationships and more joy as God’s word changed the way I handled money.

By getting my calendar and cash in line with what God wanted, though not perfectly, this created more space in my heart, soul, and mind. Slowly He began to uncover why I was created and why I might have been called to the Bay Area.

I am excited to learn and explore with you how to get unstuck from various areas in our lives, primarily in the areas of Calendar, Cash and Calling so that we can live our best lives possible.