One Book

When Luke was 2 he thought every book was the Bible. When I was holding a novel or a business book he would ask me, “Daddy, is that the Bible?”  Luke’s question got me to thinking: would my life be better if every book was the Bible? My mind wandered to the technical side of life—no technical books—no “how to fix a car” books, no cookbooks, no textbooks, no self-help books. Having spent a little time thinking about this, I believe it would indeed be better—infinitely better.  Let me explain.

Less is more, right? OK, less is more but with one exception. With God, more is more. Abundantly more. Overflowing more. This one-book scenario could give us more of God and potentially less of all other things.

Maybe we would not all be as educated as we are now. But maybe our minds are actually being limited by all of this diverse information we are taking in, instead of focusing on one thing: God and his inspired word. It may sound boring from the onset, but thinking about this more, how could knowing God more deeply ever be boring?

Maybe we wouldn’t have all of the advances in technology.  But is all of this technology really giving us the abundant life? Or is it all just a distraction, keeping us from deep relationship with God?

I’m guilty of being distracted by ideas, entertainment and technology, but I’m getting better at setting that aside in favor of the most important thing. The Bible is the book I’ve tried to read the most since 2006, the year I started first going to a Bible study as an adult. With this increased reading of the Bible, all of the important areas of my life have improved significantly.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105).

What do you think about this “one book” idea?


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