God gave me life.

God gave me my Mom.

God took my Mom two years ago today.

Today I begin this blog in memory of my best friend who is now spending eternity with Jesus.


But life is very short. I want my life to count. I want your life to count!

I want to make a huge impact in people’s lives—in your life. I want YOU to make a huge impact in people’s lives—in my life.

One way I want to do that is through this blog.

I intend for it to be a community, based in the Bay Area, that is radically abandoned to Christ, connecting people who are living life the way He intended for us.

In my own life, I’ve identified the three key areas of focus as calendar, cash, and calling.

Calendar = how we use the time God has entrusted to us.

Cash = our relationship with the money and material possessions we are entrusted with.

Calling = our purpose.

I’ll be focusing most of my blog posts around these important areas of our lives, and opening up discussions about how we can all do our best to live in God’s will. I hope we can all help each other to continue to grow in the Lord by sharing our thoughts and ideas here on the blog.

Please join me…. the best is yet to come!




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