I believe two of the greatest events ever to occur in the history of the world were–Abraham and Isaac, and Jesus and the Cross.

When we begin to understand what happened it is just unbelievable.



Abraham was promised a son for years, and it took a long time for this son Isaac to come. Then one day God says sacrifice him, your only son.  Abraham did not argue—he understood what God wanted him to do and he prepared to do it.  Abraham knew God, he loved God, he wanted to please Him and no one else. He developed this relationship with God over decades and then was called upon to do something radical, something crazy, but he loved God so much that he went ahead with it.


What drove Abraham up the mountain that day with Isaac?  Did he have a good plan?  Did he think it over and think it was a good idea?  Did it make sense from a human perspective?

No.  No.  No and definitely no!

Abraham wanted to please God, and the only way we can please God is by faith.  “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6

Abraham had faith that what God was telling him to do would work out.

Radical faith.

God knows best.

We do not.

Abraham had free will. He could have refused God’s outrageous request. But he didn’t.

Jesus cried out to God for plan B.  Abba, if there is any way we can do this another way, not my will but your will, Abba.

Jesus had free will plus the ability to end it at any time by calling down legions of angels to annihilate anyone and everyone—to end plan A.  “Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?”  Matthew 26:53

Yet, He did not.


What drove Jesus up the mountain to complete the greatest act ever?  The most radical act ever?  The most generous act ever?

Did He use his head?  No.

I believe what drove Jesus and Abraham up the same mountain—some scholars believe at the same exact place¹—was their love of God. They deeply wanted to please Him, and Him alone.

Their hearts. Not their heads.

Just think, God set up the two greatest events ever to take place, at the same exact spot, forever linked to one another.

Maybe God wants to do something radical in your life too? With the resources He has entrusted to you.  With the time He has entrusted to you. With the calling he has placed upon your heart.

When our moment comes, will we know how to respond with our heart instead of our head?

With Abraham and Jesus, God started by building a relationship. He invites us into relationship, too.  We nurture that relationship by getting to know Him, spending more and more time with Him, so that we fall deeply in love with Him. He wants to have the most amazing relationship with us.  He wants to be our everything, just like He was for Abraham and Jesus.

What are we doing to grow our hearts more like Abraham and Jesus?

Is there something we can give up over the next seven days that would help build our relationship with God?

¹“Today, Mount Moriah refers to the Temple Mount for Jews, Golgotha for Christians, and the Dome of the Rock for Muslims[1].”  [1] Scham, Sandra. (2004). “High Place: Symbolism and Monumentality on Mount Moriah, Jerusalem.”  Antiquity 78, no. 301:654-55.



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