When I was four my Granny came out to stay with us in California for a few months. She was born in the rural part of Kentucky and had a strong southern accent. Every night we would snuggle in the guest room and she would teach me the 23rd Psalm and tell me stories.

One night she told me about a bird and a grain of sand, and how this bird would fly up to the moon and drop off the grain of sand and then fly back to earth to pick up another grain of sand. Back and forth it would go.

Granny was trying to help me understand eternity. The thought of a bird taking one of these round-trip journeys sounds impossible—but when you try to imagine the bird transferring every single grain of sand on the earth, it’s unimaginable.

That’s the nature of eternity—unimaginable to our finite brains.

My Granny came to Christ late in life, possibly in her 60’s. But she was very wise, and she knew the importance of making sure I knew about eternity. This is my earliest memory ̶ one that I will never forget.

What does it mean to live with eternity in mind? How does this look in your life?


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