The other day I was sitting on the couch and my son Luke came up to me with a cup in his hand and mumbled something under his breath. I was watching TV so I didn’t fully hear him. I asked him to repeat what he said and he did, saying, “We are out of water.” He waved his cup so that I could see that it was empty. It became clear to me then that the drinking water dispenser bottle was empty.

I got up from the couch and went into the garage to pick up and carry the 44-pound water bottle to put it on the dispenser. Before entering the garage, I asked Luke to do his part and grab some damp paper towels and bring them to me so that we could wipe the bottle clean. He was also in charge of removing the empty bottle. We met at the water cooler, Luke removed the old bottle, and I loaded the new bottle onto the dispenser after Luke had wiped it clean.

Luke is 7 years old. He cannot carry, lift nor put the 44-pound bottle on the cooler. He can, however, get and wet a few paper towels, remove the empty bottle and clean the new bottle. Luke does his part. I did mine.

This is a reminder to me in my spiritual life: I do my part. God does his part.

I need to keep this straight. I am not to try and do God’s part because I cannot do it. I need to do my part and God will do His part if He wants to. I could have told Luke to drink tap water. God could tell me to drink the proverbial “tap water.” That is God’s call. He knows everything.

How do you determine your part and God’s part?


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