After my Mom passed away I found a short letter she had written to me. Although I don’t know exactly […]
Chris was my friend, teammate and encourager the year I was MVP of my T-Ball league back in 1982. Although […]
I am a stubborn person, and God didn’t have an easy time with me. For years my progress as a […]
I love that we have a “Giving Tuesday.” It’s only been around since 2012, and I think it’s a fantastic […]
Here we are again—the holiday season. Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is coming, and we’re supposed to be full of joy […]
Right after Nicole and I got married, we started fighting a lot. Mostly about money, but also related to what […]
Being raised an only child, when I was growing up everything revolved around me. Even when I was older, this […]
You will never be bored doing what God wants you to do.
In 2010 I began doing research for a white paper to grow my business and create a niche for it. […]