What do I want? Does my calendar line up with what I want most in life?    
In order for me to say yes to Jesus being my CEO, I had to pray about what He wanted […]
I’ve had a lifetime challenge with money. When I was young, I wanted some, then when I got some, I […]
The Bay Area is one of the wealthiest places on earth, during one of the wealthiest times in history. There […]
I am a stubborn person, and God didn’t have an easy time with me. For years my progress as a […]
Money has always played an important part in my life. As you can see from this picture, when I was […]
Right after Nicole and I got married, we started fighting a lot. Mostly about money, but also related to what […]
I have been fascinated with this word lately. All. That is a big word, and a scary word. I think […]
You will never be bored doing what God wants you to do.
I used to play a lot of golf and really enjoyed it. I am a competitive person and I thrived […]
God gave me life. God gave me my Mom. God took my Mom two years ago today. Today I begin […]
In 2010 I began doing research for a white paper to grow my business and create a niche for it. […]
After becoming MVP and hitting a record number of home runs as a t-baller at age 9, I lost my […]