Surrender and obedience are the greatest forms of worship we can give back to God
Recently I was rebuked by my mentors. It wasn’t the first time and it most likely (unfortunately) won’t be the […]
The story of Paul keeps messing with my mind, heart and soul. Paul was able to step out from being […]
Contentment comes when money and financial decisions do not control  a person’s thoughts. In other words, contentment comes with an […]
After my Mom passed away I found a short letter she had written to me. Although I don’t know exactly […]
Why does God talk so much about money and “stuff” in the Bible? I thought it was because it was […]
I’m fascinated by the life of Paul. This hard-charging, super type-A personality was bent on doing what he thought was […]
The most significant decision we can make today is our choice of attitude. Chuck Swindoll